What is Twiinkly ?

Twiinkly is a new media to easily take and share pictures at running races, and find them all in ‘one-click’ after your races.

No more time wasted looking all over the web to find your race pictures. No more wondering if there are more photos out there but you haven’t found them.
One stop, one app, all your photos.

The team

Who we are ?

CEO & Co-Founder

Optimistic, extreme, crazy are some of Martin's attributes. His affair with running lasts for 21 years and took this ENTREPRUNNER to races all over the world. There he shaped his vision about Twiinkly and started putting together the Twiinkly Family. He loves you, mountains, skyrunning and bar shenanigans.

COO & Co-Founder

Brain on wheels! He's the wise man of the team. As project manager, Chris ensure sh*t gets done according to plans he rolls out and manages perfectly. Originally a biker, he took on running to stay in shape so he could bring his A-game during his parisian nightlife :-) He loves tech, drones, New Zealand and let's put it out there, partying like there is no tomorrow!

UI, UX Director

Let's not fool ourselves, that guy won't be the next olympic champion, and honestly it doesn't matter. His mission is to make Twiinkly look and feel good to you, and at that he's world class. Plus he's not afraid to get his hands dirty so be reassured, he's the solid third leg of the Twiinkly tripod and will offer you the best user experience there is. He loves live, food and wine and is eager to bring Twiinkly to a broader audience so he can use the #foodporn hashtag :-)